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I'm Ben Yannette, a photographer and filmmaker.


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Every client is a new adventure and an opportunity to create a positive connection.




I love bringing out the confidence in my clients and capturing their natural beauty quickly and affordably.




I hope we get the chance to work together.

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This is Nozomu Kobayashi, a Japanese singer/guitarist I saw performing on a New York City subway platform. Using google translate, we were able to work out a quick jam session in my neighborhood and film him before he went back to Japan a few days later. Check out the results in the link below.

Ben Yannette Photography, Leni Bracelet, Nevada NYC




Check out Brooklyn jeweler Nevada NYC to see some of my commercial work. I did their whole line of product photos.




I love covering events. I'm way more comfortable at parties if I can take pictures.




These are 10 of 12 portraits I did covering a Manhattan consulting group.  Can you spot the two I didn't take? Hint: there's one on the top and bottom rows.






This is a satirical pharma commercial I shot and edited, created with longtime comedy collaborators Gibbon Brain. WARNING: NOT FOR KIDS.





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